The Mocks Box

In partnership with Better Rhodes, we introduce to you: the Mocks Box. On June 4th we released our first box, the Launch Box -- inspired by an alcohol free trip to Mexico. We are excited to keep the party going with the release of more boxes in August, September and December.

The Launch Box



On the Mocks Launch Box with Better Rhodes


 THIS or THAT Collection


Which box is more up your alley?! THIS or THAT??!  


  • A Gruvi Sampler (Dry Secco + Rose - two of each)
  • A collection of Lyre's RTD Cans (Amalfi Spritz + G&T - two of each)
  • A half-bottle of Luminara premium Chardonnay
  • Colored Straws + OTM Coasters - Because of course we wanted to make this box SO FUN!
The alcohol may be removed, but the party continues!


    • A collection of Athletic Brewing NA beer (Run Wild, Cerveza Athletica, All Out, Free Wave + Upside Dawn - 1 each)
    • A collection of Wellbeing Brewing NA beer (Heavenly Body Golden Wheat + Hellraiser Dark Amber -  1 each)
    • Luminara Red Blend
    • OTM Coasters
    Cheers to being alcohol free for the day/night. You're so classy. 



    On the Mocks: Page One 

    This exclusive holiday box includes three of our favorite ready-to-drink NA beverages to help you celebrate the winter holidays + New Year! Relax + unwind with Curious Elixirs by the fire. Raise a glass of TOST at the dinner table. Dance the night away without fear of a hangover sipping Noughty AF sparkling wine. Walk into January 2022 with new resolutions + promises kept.

    Everything inside is ready-to-drink and also makes for a great gift. 


    Partnership with Better Rhodes

    We are thrilled to partner with Better Rhodes -- an online one stop shop for everything alcohol free. From zero proof spirits to NA beer to alcohol removed wine, you can find a ton of delicious hangover-free brands that we love.